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The Restoration permits to bring out the beauty of the abandoned and not used object . The recovery of the beauty and preciousness are brought to light thanks to the cleanup, the galvanic threatment of gold or silver of the piece. Arredi Sacri  Memeo pays particular attention in the Sacred Items Restoration, because this must lead to its ancient splendor the object without changing its original characteristics. At the new premises of our business, we have expanded the machinery production and galvanic station, we take care of every step of the restoration process. So your religious objects of a certain value, like chalices and crosses, are not handled by external staff. Often during the Restoration of Holy Art, we realize that some pieces must  be also repaired, our company is also involved in this, sometimes managing to fix, sometimes having to replace the missing piece. We always ask to send us a photo with the size / features of the article to restore and after the quotation, we agree with the client for the best performance. We also perform incisions and replacements of friezes / stones.

Scroll left or right on the photos to see the effect before/after the restoration
calice per messacalice messa
calicicalici messa
calice comunionecalice comunione
calice eucarestiacalice per eucarestia
pisside ostiapisside ostie
pisside messapisside messa
restauro pissiderestauro pisside
calice chiesacalice chiesa
crocecroce restaurata
ostensorioostensorio restaurato
turibolo incensoturibolo incenso restaurato
tabernacolotabernacolo restaurato
candeliere chiesacandeliere chiesa
candeliere messacandeliere messa restaurato
arredi sacriarredi sacri
arredi sacri memeoarredi sacri memeo
oggetti sacrioggetti sacri
pissidi eucaristichepisside eucaristica
ampolle santa messaampolle santa messa
coronacorona restaurata
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