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lampade arredi sacri memeo

The lamps can be hold on altar (as symbol of deliverance during the celebration) or on the wall , normally placed next to the tabernacle to indicate the presence of Holy Host.

Made in Italy, handicrafts
Our wall lamps are simple and light design made on the lathe or with characteristic baroque decorations made by chiselled art. On the other hands, altar lamps are realized with melting parts and the wax-holding in metal sheet.

Design and composition of the lamp
Wall lamps are hung with oval chain.On the top there is a rond to hung the red glass or wax candle. We can substitue the wax with an electrical cable system.
The design of the lamps we produce can be simple or chiselled , with different measures.
We can provide also the metal hung for the wall in classical style.
Alter lamps have different design, some with enamel red parts, and are realized similar to the altar cross (which is sold separately).

FInishing, Style and Customized requests
Lamps can have a simple and modern style or a more classical and baroque one.
Finishing are gold, silver or golden /silver together.
As for other item categories, lamps can be modified in some parts to meet customer’s needs and church design requests.
As for all other products, lamps and their parts are covered with a transparent spray protection to preserve them from dust, fingers dots and humidity/climate agents.

For information on a particular product, indicate the article number

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