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Crucifix and crosses arredi sacri memeo

The cross is the symbol of the Jesus’ pain on Christianity
In our cross models, we tried to respect the liturgical standards, showing the cross in different styles which show the Christian Symbol such as the Four Evangelists or the Trinity Symbols.

Shape and composition of crosses
Pectoral crosses are made from metal sheet, of from bronze or totally in Silver Ag 925.
Some models show artisanal manufacture decorated with precious stones.
We are among the few producers, who realized the reliquiary cross, a pectoral cross which can hold a relics, made totally in silver and then chiselled.
Processional or wall crosses are realized on the basis of the same model.

Processional crosses are sold with 2 tubes (totally 150cm). You can chose the basement among different model in marble (from Carrara or Verona ) or in metal.
The crucifixes for the altar are similar to the candlesticks.

Finishing and accessories
The finishing can be silver, golden plated or 2 colours.
Our pectoral crosses are made in metal or totally in silver and we can do engravings on the back. If necessary, we can provide the chain , in metal or in silver, with the relative suitcase.
As per all our products, crosses/basements/ tubes are protected with a final step of Vitrex film backed in oven, to avoid dots and damages from finger humidity and dust.

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