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Via Adamello, 19 Bareggio - Milano ( Italia ) +39 02 22191235

The final part of the production chain, takes place in the packaging of the order. Being delicate and precious objects, Arredi Sacri  Memeo  pays great attention in the closing of shipment. After the assembling phase, each product is packed in a transparent film (only for small pieces, no tabernacles and monstrances of some models). Then wrap the item in bubble wrap marking it with the item number / amount of pieces. The cartons are lined inside with polystyrene, for the tabernacles we put a double layer on the bottom, filling the empty spaces  with polystyrene and Styrofoam chips. Closing and marked with  label “fragile.” Marking of any package with shipper/consignee’s name and address. Usually we sell EXW, otherwise charge of courier on the invoice .

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