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thabors i arredi sacri memeo

Made in Italy, Handcraft and Design
The tabor is the basement on which the monstrance (or the shrine) is raised for the Eucharistic adoration.

Shape and composition of thabors
Our thabors are made by melting process or made directly from the metal sheet, they could be chiselled, turned or smooth.
The tabor is composed by the base, the knot and the flat surface of following measures : 12/15/20/26/28 cm of diameter.

Finishing, Styles, Customized details
Finishing can be silverplated, goldenplated or two colours.
Our selection of thabors has the possibility to be realized on the basis of customized necessities of the priest. For exemple, we can add some parts or change one of them, to increase the higher of the model. Also the flat surface can be standard (on the basis of the mentioned sizes) or created according to a particular necessity.
On of the last creation, it is the model with a couple of golden angels who hold the flat surface up. It is similar to the other “angels-thabors” of our competitors, but our finishing is different as normally the angles are in silver and thabor gold.
Thabors too, they are painted with the Vitrex transparent paint, fixed by the oven , which avoids damages from dust, fingers, weather humidity.

calici e ostensorio

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