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Candlesticks arredi sacri memeo

Chandlestick is the symbol of the Eternal Light, the flame of the candle which represents the Faith which lights up our path of life. We have candlestick basement in baroque or simpler and modern basements, some of them with marquestries of glaze or simple engraves. The small plate to contain wax or the candle cylinder, is normally produced for candles of 4cm diameter, however they can be produced with different measures.

Measures and composition of candlesticks
Candlesticks are arranged on the altar according to a symmetrical style, in the middle of them there is the similar crucifix. They can have different hight (from 10cm up to 54cm) or candlesticks of the same height but different sizes of candles.
Among our production, you can find candlestick for one candle (small or diam 8cm), from 1 up to 7 candles, till the candlestick h114cm which is normally positionated next to the tabernacle or similar to the lectern.

Finishings, styles and customized items
The finishing can be silver plated, golden plated or two colours, some models are decorated with red glaze.
Our candlesticks are made of fusion of bronze, with parts of brass (as small plate).
We can realize some variations on the existing model, according to the necessity of customer (considering the possibility of the change and the proportion).
As for all other produsts, candlestick/chandelabras too, they are protected by a transparent Vitrex painture to avoid external damages.

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