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monstrances and shrines arredi sacri memeo

The monstrance word derives from the latin word “ostendere” which means to show.
The monstrance and the little smaller shrine, they have the rule to show the Holy Host during the adoration and the eucharistic blessing. They derive from the introduction of the Corpus Domini celebrations.

Hape and composition of shrines and monstrances
In our production you can find the monstrance with rays, based on Roman artistic celebration rules. It is made up of a shrine (composed of lunetta which can be taken away).
Shrine has a little smaller hight than monstrance, which allows to hold it inside tabernacles.
Monstrances and shrines are made with a ring for Magna host (125/150cm) or normal one (74mm). As decoration, we use Swarosvki or precious stones, each one gives shining and peculiarity to the item, compared to the function they have in the celebration.
As for all other Memeo’s creations,monstrances and shrines are finished with a transparent Vitrex painting, fixed in the oven to preserve the item from external damages.

calici e ostensorio

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