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reliquiary arredi sacri memeo

The reliquary is the case that preserves and exposes the relic. It is composed of a case with a transparent side for worship and the back with a capsule with two holes for the passage of the thread and which holds the relic inside the case and is externally fixed by a wax seal affixed by the diocese.

Finishings, styles and customized peculiarities
Our model of reliquaries shows the shape of ambrosian style monstrances.
Some of our reliquaries, are linked to the similar model of monstrances.
Others have a defined shape , melted or bronzed with a basement in metal or wood.
We have also a particular engraved pectoral cross for relics totally in Ag925.
As for all other produsts, reliquary too , they are protected by a transparent Vitrex painture to avoid external damages.

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