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The name of tabernacle comes from late latin tabernaculum = curtain, which comes from taberna, which means “little house composed by wooden boards = tabellae”. It is the most important place of the church, as it holds the Holy Body of Christ. It is the place of God’s House, for that reason it must be characteristic, peculiar, beautiful, realized with good materials and refined technique. In the moment of Eucharistic, the minister takes out from tabernacle the hosts hold inside the ciborium to be distribuited to worshippers.

Design and composition of tabernacles
Our firm realize altar of wall tabernacles.
We create door with or without exposition , with lunetta and little door which permits to worshipper to adore the Holy Host as it opens 180°.
Tabernacles have varius dimensions, with bronze rays and design which can be simple but beautiful, or classical and telling religious symbology.
Some of our doors are realized by unique drawings by our chiseller (who attended the Accademy of Beauty Arts in Brera – Milan). Other doors are made from melting process of bronze or also by the electrical chemical production (elettroformatura), which is a technique which permits more precision in the creation of low relief.
The materials which composed our tabernacles are: bronze, iron, wood.
The internal sheets are in golden brass.
We use high security locks provided of 3 keys.
We introduced also cheaper and smaller items for chapels or little churches.
In the production we are honoured to present two models which are named The Best Ones : they are conceived on the model of little cathedrals forged by chiselling art , totally made by artisal labour.

Finishing, Style and customized requirements – New project
Tabernacles of our production can be finished by silver, golden or golden /silverplated design.
You can choose among different, door models, box dimensions, rays.
As they are made totally inside our business, we can realize tabernacles on the basis of a own project. We collaborated with architects and artists. We can also create new parts of old tabernacles, partly destroyed or totally consumed, by recreate the missing parts.
As for all other products, the outside of tabernacles is protected by a transparent film Vitrex , which avoids the damage of hu,idity, finger dots , dust and climate effects.

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